Rahila Narejo is a leading Human Resource and Career authority - hooked on helping people live their richest, happiest, and most productive work lives.


From her early days as a Human Resource Consultant working for Fortune 500 companies, to managing her own enterprise and writing a popular career advice column, she's become a favorite go-to people expert and friend.


Career Advice Anyone?

Thousands have read her 10-year running newspaper column "Dear Workplace Sanity", which made its debut in 2006. In the column, she replied to over 300 letters selected from over 5,000 letters received from individuals seeking a bit of "sane" advice in the sometimes-insane world of work. 

She answered questions from fresh graduates desperately seeking their first job opportunity, to retiring professionals stuck at a critical life crossroad. Every piece of advice was written with Rahila's professional experience and perspective of Human Resources and Management Consulting, coupled with her compassionate, yet scientific, approach taken from her background in Psychology and Neuroscience. 


In the beginning...

Rahila was born in Los Angeles, California to immigrant parents who left Pakistan in the 1960s in search of a more fulfilling life. Rahila graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a major in Biochemistry and minor in Psychobiology. She also holds a Masters in Neuroleadership from the Middlesex University (UK).


And Today...

Rahila is a sought-after consultant, corporate trainer, and executive coach. Each year she speaks and delivers workshops at numerous events, companies, organizations and schools on topics ranging from Careers, Entrepreneurship and Human Resources, to topics addressing the Neuroscience of Behavior.

She is on a mission to bring some sanity to an often insane world of work, helping organizations and individuals alike in creating great jobs, greater careers, and greatest lives.
She resides happily with her husband and three children on two continents, shuttling between her personal and professional commitments in both Karachi and Houston.