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"Rahila is an extraordinarily talented HR expert. With her expert and insightful guidance I now understand much more about the successful management of people. Frankly, I think she is a hidden treasure and if you are a C-suite executive I would highly recommend that give her a call, without further delay!"

Paul Robinson
Chairman, Citizens Advice for Central and South Sussex

"I have worked with Rahila intermittently over the last 5 years. What I appreciated is Rahila's integrity, professionalism and candour. She is focussed, candid about what she can and cannot do for you, and has always provided an excellent product/service. She is sincere, committed and approachable."

Uzma Qaiser Butt
Global Program Change Lead-Transformation, Nestlé

"Rahila is the best HR brain I have come across in my life. She gets it! She is personable with a great sense of humor and knows how to get her message across effectively. It is hard to find such a combination of professional competence and high EQ in a business person in today's world. "

M. Mudassar Aqil
CEO at FINCA Microfinance Bank

I had a career gap of 7 years, no professional network, and no experience in the field I wanted to get into.

Hi, I'm Rahila Narejo

Author of Workplace Sanity™ |
HR Consultant | Executive Career Coach 

What if you were in a foreign country where you barely spoke the language, and where a woman stepping out of the house was frowned upon?

What if you had no personal or professional contacts other than your spouse, three kids, and one dog (Molly)?

What if you had graduated from college on a pre-med track, but 7 years later you decided to start from zero in a completely new and unknown field?

And, to top it off, what if you had experience, no money, and no clue what to do with your life?

This was my predicament in the year 2000. And today I'm a veteran HR Consultant, certified Executive Career Coach, published career advice Columnist and Author, and the founder of Narejo HR ( 

They said I couldn't (work), shouldn't (try), and wouldn't (succeed).

But I did.

I used my background in Psychology and Neuroscience to create my own secret sauce in the field of HR Consulting.

I reversed-engineered the path to my own career success, and figured out how to go from INVISIBLE (a mere nobody) to OMNI-VISIBLE (a recognized and respected brand name in the industry). 

And now I help other fiercely ambitious professionals to never compromise, cower, or commit career suicide...EVER AGAIN!

Today with 18+ years of diverse Human Resources Consulting and Coaching experience, I enable both individuals and organizations to be THE BEST in their industry.


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